Job Description

Senior Level Designer

Shape the vibrant worlds of our game "Enshrouded". As a Senior Level Designer, you will design iconic locations and landmarks within our huge open world, using our proprietary voxel engine and tools.

Join a team of super dedicated people!  

Keen Games is an independent developer with a long history of developing games for PC, consoles, handhelds and mobile. Working at Keen Games means working with super experienced, passionate and humble people.

 As a Senior Level Designer at Keen Games, you will play an integral role in shaping iconic locations, epic landmarks and believable regions within the huge voxel world of our game “Enshrouded”.

With strong prototyping and creative visualization skills you craft detailed designs and whitebox layouts, before bringing your ideas to completion as polished areas of the game world. An appreciation for architecture and environmental storytelling allows you to transport players to believable realms.

Working closely with designers and programmers, your expertise helps to iteratively craft compelling gameplay scenarios and challenging situations within the gameworld, tailored to the game's mechanics and within the game’s technical constraints. You will continually playtest your work, as well as proactively seeking feedback from internal and external sources to solve issues and to elevate the game experience for the players.

As a Senior Level Designer at Keen Games you will be offered:

  • The opportunity to work within a highly experienced & creative team 
  • A competitive fixed salary
  • Development opportunities 
  • Paid vacation days 
  • Health care and benefits 
  • A lot of events & parties 
We believe in kindness, acceptance, support, and hard work. We also believe in having lots of fun.

We value your personality and passion. 

For us, personality and passion comes before education. You’ll always be supported by your Keen Games family, but you have a lot of responsibility for your own work, meaning working independently is something you are used to.

If this sounds like you, then what are you waiting for !?

Keen is committed to diversity and inclusion and we encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply. We are also committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we are a founding member of Gamesforest Club.

This job can be fully remote.