Players awake as the Flameborn, the last hope of an ancient civilization. Set against them is the Shroud, a creeping blight that absorbs and mutates all life it encounters. To push back the Shroud, the Flameborn must forge their path along a deep open skill tree to master powerful weapons, spells, and armor. Developing their own unique play style to triumph over rival factions of fell creatures, and defeat merciless bosses in heart-pounding combat.

To protect themselves from the fog and bring life back to the kingdom, players can shape the world's terrain and unleash their creativity to build bases and epic homes, customized to the last detail with a vast array of materials and furniture. Beyond showcasing treasure, powerful allies can be awakened in player holdouts, unlocking advanced workshops and the ability to craft unique items and mythic weapons.

Enshrouded key art


Keen Games


Survival Action RPG

Release Date



Steam, later PS5 & Xbox XS

Enshrouded Release Trailer