Our small Powerhouse

These are our three studios, joined under one roof, creating games for various platforms, all running from the same core.

Thats who we are!

We are a bunch of like-minded people, dedicated to bringing out the best in all that we do. We love to work in small and very productive teams, pushing ourselves to create something visually stunning, full of fun and challenges. We've been doing this for quite some time, but are still learning from each other. Sometimes we do not agree and argue very hard, and sometimes we just enjoy being together and having a good time. Just like being in a good, healthy family.



This is a small selection of the companies we are currently working with or have worked with in the past.


We have been developing games for three decades. We still know how 8-bit games were made. We still remember how awesome the Game Boy Color is. We've been through some great projects and some projects we needed to fight through. We've had all the ups & downs an independent game developer will face. Currently the sun is shining on us and we are thankful for that but, in general, we are still the same as ever. We just can't stop developing.

Platforms we support

This is a small collection of platforms Keen Core supports.